Schroeder’s has always been known for our expansive displays of candles. With WoodWick candles  you can enjoy the sound of a crackling fire and their newly designed wick that produces faster fragrance and a cleaner,  better burn. WoodWick reed diffusers and refills feature highly concentrated fragrances infused with essential oils in a contemporary design.  Large diffusers last 3 months or more and minis last up to 4 weeks or more.Yankee Candles started with a 17 year old boy melting crayons to make his mother a present,  now it is the #1 most recognized name in the candle business.  The company makes the majority of its candles in MA by master candle makers who share their customers  “passion for fragrance” in every product brought to market.

If you love the look of candles but are afraid you won’t blow them out, we have the perfect thing for you.  We have battery operated candles that are on timers and will turn on night after night for 4 or 8 hours—whatever you prefer. They utilize led light technology for a super long lasting product!